Help for families in the Treasure Valley.


Welcome to Alpine Behavioral Health.  We empower youth, parents, and couples to transform their lives.  We're located in Boise.


Traditional counseling

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Alpine specializes in working with various forms of family conflict, including teenage behavioral and emotional challenges, parenting issues, and marriage problems. In addition to our work with families, we also see individual clients working on general life issues, such as depression, anxiety, anger, self-esteem, etc.  Though we often avoid looking at life issues from a diagnostic perspective, our therapists have experience working with virtually all diagnoses, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

experiential programs

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COMING SUMMER 2017 - This summer Alpine is piloting a new experiential therapeutic program for struggling teenagers.  Six to eight teens will form a small group and participate in a series of therapeutically-focused experiential activities for six weeks.  The program will focus on relationship skills, developing a positive sense of identity, exploring purpose, and having healthy fun.  Individual counseling and mentoring will be offered to address specific challenges for all participants.  Parents will have an opportunity to attend a six-week parenting workshop focused on becoming grounded in an effective approach to addressing challenging behavior.

international transitions

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Since the 1970s Idaho has received approximately 20,000 refugees, and it's estimated that more than 1,000 refugees have arrived in Boise each year over the past three years alone.  Many refugees are forced to leave their home country due to war or political conflict and go on to spend years in refugee camps prior to arriving in Boise.  For several years Alpine has offered services focusing on resolving the psychological effects of trauma resulting from events of war as well as living in the conditions of refugee camps.  Additionally, we work with refugee clients to help them overcome  the basic challenges associated with integrating and adjusting to a new country and culture. 


The obstacles we see are the doorways to a new way of being a family.

- Alpine

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